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*DkS logistics is supported by an owned asset base consisting of hydraulic axles, pullers, long and normal trailers, along with equipments hired as per needs and is well known for committed transportation services. Dks logistics invests towards strengthening this asset base on an ongoing basis. Thus equipped, the division is contributing to the logistics success of customers across diverse industries. We have a dedicated and trained team in Project Logistics division.

*DKS Logistics provides services for Steel, Oil & Gas, Mining logistics requirements, Power, Cement and Capital equipment manufacturers in this sector.

*DkS logistics not only provides services domestically but also is self-sufficient to arrange import and export shipments on Ex Works and FOB basis through Sea and Air for their esteemed clients through their worldwide network of business associates.


*Capable of handling large, over length and over height cargo.

*Diverse equipments including semi low bed & low bed mechanical trailers, specifically designed trailers.

*Clear understanding of processes leads to faster permissions en route for seamless movement.

Heavy Lift Consignments

*Capability to handle loads heavy lift consignments up to 500 metric tones.

*Deep knowledge of routes and expertise with route surveys.

*Permissions from local authorities gained swiftly.


When it's about moving ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) or heavy lift consignments, Dks logistics conducts extensive route studies which help to identify obstacles and devise alternative routes. These studies also enable temporary arrangements such as building or strengthening of bridges. The division utilizes its rich experience and expertise in the domain while leveraging technology, deploying a dedicated team and utilizing a strong knowledge base.

*Extensive route studies to identity bottlenecks of vulnerable areas.

*Alternative routes may include setting up temporary bridges and roads etc.

ODC Consignments

*DKS offers ODC consignment services and aims to reduce cost and time.

Full Truck Load

*DKS Logistics provides full truck load services on continuous basis for all over India. There are no restrictions on size, location or destination.

*DKS Logistics provides supply chain solutions and complete global and domestic transportation services.

*Through our unique and vast network of independent transportation and warehouse capacity providers and independent sales agents, we have the flexibility and experience to meet any supply chain challenge.

*And our state-of-the art technology provides you with the option to outsource all or any portion of your supply chain to us - from carrier selection and carrier management to real-time order management and optimization to in transit and inventory visibility.